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2024 Off season Specials on Hamptons Buses

2024 Off season Specials on Hamptons Buses
2024 Off season Specials on Hamptons Buses

As the vibrant energy of the Hamptons winds down with the arrival of the off-season, there's no better time to plan your private events, corporate outings, or leisurely getaways with Hamptons Bus Rental. Our 2024 Off-Season Specials bring unprecedented discounts and perks on Sprinter Vans, Buses, and Party Buses, making your journey through the Hamptons even more enticing until April 15. Let's explore the exclusive offers that await you!

  1. Party Bus Free Upgrades at Shuttle Bus Rate:

  • Elevate your celebrations with our exclusive offer – book a Party Bus and enjoy a complimentary upgrade at the rate of a Shuttle Bus.

  • Revel in the spacious interiors, vibrant ambiance, and entertainment systems of our Party Buses without breaking the bank.

  1. Limo Sprinter Free Upgrades at Shuttle Van Rate:

  • Indulge in luxury on wheels with our Limo Sprinters. Book one and relish a free upgrade at the rate of a Shuttle Van.

  • Experience the sophistication and comfort of a limousine while enjoying the cost-effectiveness of a Shuttle Van.

  1. Discounts for Shuttle Van Service:

  • Our Shuttle Van service, perfect for smaller groups, comes with exclusive discounts during the off-season.

  • Enjoy the convenience and comfort of our Shuttle Vans at a special rate, ensuring your transportation needs are not only met but exceeded.

  1. Hire Bus for 7 Hours, Get 8th Hour for Free:

  • Make the most of your time in the Hamptons – when you hire a bus for 7 hours, we're adding an extra hour for free.

  • Whether it's a winery tour, a beach day, or a corporate retreat, take advantage of an extended journey without any additional cost.

Hamptons Bus Rental invites you to seize the opportunity to explore the Hamptons in style and luxury with our 2024 Off-Season Specials. From free upgrades on Party Buses and Limo Sprinters to exclusive discounts on Shuttle Van services, we've crafted these offers to enhance your off-season experience. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy the beauty of the Hamptons at a fraction of the cost. Book your bus rental today and let the off-season adventures begin!


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